Pedro Pimentel Studio provides service to all stages of a Musical Production, including Recording, Edition, Mixing and Mastering.

The songs will represent an important legacy left by the musicians. That's why every detail, intention and particular characteristic must be taken with a special regard.

The main goal is to individualize every single artist, in order to preserve the authenticity of the songs and its unique artistic attributes.


Instruments, voices and all elements that belongs to the song are recorded and placed on individual audio tracks. The microphones and recorders need to be operated conscientiously by the audio engineer to capture the best of the artistic performance. This could be the difference between a regular song and a master piece.


After recorded, this material needs to be selected and submitted to rhythmic adjustments and noise removement, for example. This is mostly a purely technical process.


Now It's time to set the volume, space distribution, effects... 50 per cent technical - 50 per cent artistic, that's why the audio engineer and the musicians need to combine their forces. At the end of this stage, the track should be sounding as close as possible to perfection.


The Final step of Musical Production. Last EQ adjustment, Volume between tracks, Setting up the file to specific media formats as CD, DVD or Digital Web Platforms. The most exciting moment has come, when the song is officially released to the public.